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Email Marketing: A Game-Changer for Your Business Success

Saturday, April 08, 2023

Primary Blog/Email Marketing: A Game-Changer for Your Business Success

Email Marketing: A Game-Changer for Your Business Success

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or have been around for a while, you’ll agree that marketing is the number one way to grow. And with technology’s fast pace, it has become easier than ever.

Remember the good old days when sales representatives would go door-to-door trying to grow a brand? You can now do that for your product without leaving the comfort of your home.

Introducing - Email Marketing. Even though other types of digital marketing and billboards are effective, reaching out through someone’s inbox is much more personal.

So, let’s explore why email marketing can benefit your business, primarily if you’ve got limited resources.

Understanding Email Marketing
Email marketing refers to promoting goods and services through email. However, it goes beyond just that. Many use email marketing to build relationships with current clients and reach future clients.

Businesses may use email marketing to enlighten their consumers and tailor their advertisements accordingly. It is practical and produces compelling results online.

Consider it one of the modern era's most affordable and conversion-rich marketing techniques. Don’t believe it?

Let’s look at the ROI of email marketing.

Calculating Email Marketing’s ROI
To determine the ROI, the income from the email campaign is measured against the campaign's overall cost. Stats suggest that the average return on investment for email marketing is $42 for each dollar invested.

Several reasons contribute to this excellent ROI. First, email marketing is a very focused marketing strategy.

How? Read on...

You may classify your mailing list and deliver tailored messages to individuals based on different groups' interests, activities, and demographics. This indicates that you are reaching the appropriate audience, which may lead to greater engagement and conversions.

Additionally, email marketing is more affordable than other marketing strategies like TV or radio advertisements. You don't have to shell out thousands of dollars for production expenditures or ad space.

Instead, you can compose and deliver your emails using an email marketing solution like Bower Agency.

It is your one-stop shop for all email-marketing services. Our marketing strategy focuses on the client–individuality. The best marketing happens by word of mouth, so every individual’s word matters.

This is why we have a distinct customer-targeted approach. We understand that marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Our service is tailored to each client, giving you a maximum chance of reaching and grabbing your desired customer base.

Small Call to Action Headline

There are many digital marketing strategies, but email marketing stands out from the competition.

Here are a few reasons why:

Provides A Personal Touch
Unlike social media or display marketing, email is a personal means of contact. An email from your company increases the likelihood that the recipient will read and interact with it.

And there are stats to prove it. As per HubSpot, 73% of millennials prefer receiving business information via email.

This is because emails are frequently delivered to specific individuals and are addressed to them directly. Higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversions may result from this personalized approach.

Moreover, this marketing technique is usually associated with a subscription or website visit, which adds more credibility to the process.

Measurable Marketing Technique
Email marketing also has the benefit of being quantifiable. Our agency provides statistics that let you keep tabs on the number of emails opened, links visited, and purchases made.

You may use this information to increase the efficiency of your email marketing over time.

Customized and Targeted Approach
Email marketing is a highly focused marketing strategy. You may segment your email list based on variables like geography, hobbies, and behavior.

This entails sending tailored messaging to particular audiences, which may increase engagement and conversion rates..


Unlike most marketing strategies, you can automate email marketing. To do this, build up a series of communications to send automatically in response to specific triggers. These triggers can be a new client or a recent transaction.

This can help you save time and effort while giving your subscribers timely and pertinent communications.

Enhances Customer Retention
Despite social media and influencer marketing, email is the most efficient way for smaller enterprises to attract and keep consumers.

According to recent data, 81% of SMBs use email as their primary client acquisition channel, and 80% use it for customer retention.

Accordingly, email marketing is more effective than social media, paid search, and organic search for acquiring and retaining customers. Email marketing directly influences a greater reach than other types of social media, such as Facebook.

Thus, it’s the most effective strategy for customer retention.

Better Chance of Reaching Customers
Open rates are a crucial metric for assessing the success of an email marketing plan. Businesses should keep track of the open rate, quantifying the proportion of recipients who open your email.

The typical business email open rate across all industries is 20%. This number may be a benchmark when developing email marketing campaigns for an expanding audience.

The welcome email has a median open rate of 68.6%, making it one sort of email with a notably high open rate.

This highlights welcome emails' significance and allows companies to incorporate insightful content. Since welcome emails have such a high open rate, conveying powerful messages to customers is helpful.

Enhances Customer Interactivity
Emails can also enhance user experience with the grace of interactive emails.

The days of limiting your email marketing strategy to a newsletter template are long gone. Interactive content is what marketers are searching for to increase engagement.

According to reports, using videos in your emails may boost click rates by 300%.

That is a startling figure. Additionally, marketers frequently include sliders and GIFs in their emails to improve the visual appeal for their recipients.

Customers Enjoy the Strategy
Unlike most advertisements interrupting a customer’s favorite show or pop-up on their feed, customers look forwards to brand emails.

It could be because they can read them whenever they want or because of the personalized touch.

According to Statista, 49% of customers prefer receiving brand emails.

So, don’t think you’re annoying as you would with other types of marketing.

Instead, trust that you’ll provide customers with useful promotional information on products that interest them.

Email Popularity
Email has evolved from essential academic exchanges to a widely used technology worldwide. Global email user numbers were projected to reach 4.3 billion in 2022. In 2025, this number is projected to increase to 4.6 billion, accounting for over fifty percent of the projected global population.

If you run a business in a developed country, your consumers likely use email. Therefore, you should too. No matter how small your company is, email marketing allows you to connect with customers around the clock every day of the year.

Bower Agency for Email Marketing
Choosing Bower Agency can enhance your marketing experience for multiple reasons. Our marketing strategy covers everything from customer loyalty to customer retention.

The Bower bundle creates a smooth transition through the customer acquisition funnel to lock in new clients strategically.

Moreover, we are familiar with the importance of segmentation and cater to multiple segments for effective marketing. Our motto is “marketing to the right person at the right time.”

Our most unique selling point is the custom strategy. Bower Agency understands that different businesses have varying marketing requirements. Accordingly, we provide customized emails to approach different clients.

Thus, you can increase your reach multiple folds with our custom-tailored services, practical strategies, and a focused approach.

Customer relations play a vital role in making or breaking a business. Bain & Company says

raising client retention rates by only 5% may boost profitability by 25% to 95%.

So, having the right marketing strategy is as essential as having the right product, especially if your business is in its infancy.

So, choose email marketing for your business to begin promoting your brand today and make a lasting customer impact.


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